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Saturday, September 15, 2012

Meet Sara

Excerpt from
 I Believe
A ghost story for the holidays
By Valerie Woods
Copyright © 2012

Introducing Sara...the third spirit attempting an intervention with a living human...

There was another entity now in the café.  Her face was sad and anxious. 
“She’s new isn’t she?”
Gabriel now noticed her, too.  “I’d say.  That’s her, Sara Wilson.”
Sara had paused upon entering.  It was her first trip back.  Death was still so fresh. She had worked at Jasper’s Café and, to her surprise, found a refuge.  Yes, she had baked scones, but Mark and Randy had given her something she couldn’t get in her own home -- a tiny studio behind the kitchen where she could paint.
Part of her arrangement at Jasper’s was that her paintings would grace the walls of the café.  But in the two years she worked there, she hadn’t completed a single painting.  There were stacks of unfinished visions stored behind the kitchen. And then they had discovered the cancer.  It had come quickly and with a pitiless ferocity.  Now Sara felt the regret of so much left undone. 
She didn’t recognize Trevor and Gabriel for what they were right away.  She was still having difficulty distinguishing the living from the dead.  It had all happened so quickly.  But once she realized that the two men in the corner booth were actually looking at her, she crossed to them. Her progress was halted by the all too familiar sound of her husband’s knife-edged voice.
“Why would I want them?” He was speaking to Mark, the stack of Sara’s paintings leaning against the counter. Ramsey knocked back his double macchiato, looked dispassionately at the paintings and shrugged.  “You can burn them for all I care,” and headed to the exit.
Sara’s form skittered like the jagged lines of a video transmission gone off track, but only for a moment.  She pulled it together and turned to her fellow wanderers.
Without the need for much conversation, Trevor and Gabriel, with one accord, agreed to welcome Sara on the team.  And so it was, the wandering duo became a very determined, light seeking trinity.
* * * * *

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